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Midnight Gond

I’ve been trying out some Pauper on Magic Online between draft rounds, and mostly sucking. It’s a format where you absolutely have to be doing something unfair with your deck to be in with a chance, even if it’s a … Continue reading

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M12 Pre-release

Having helped out on the beta, it’s great to see M12 pre-releases finally underway on MTGO. In my first queue, I’m piloting this RW aggro deck, which seems pretty representative of the format: I’m not saying it’s good, or even … Continue reading

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Time to stand up for Murdoch

I don’t usually go for all this campaigning stuff, but I got a bit swept up in the phone hacking hysteria. From: Speak Out Date: 7 July 2011 23:27:53 GMT+01:00 To: Subject: Speak Out: Thanks for emailing your MP … Continue reading

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Diary of a schwag hag

I managed to accumulate two main things at StackOverflow DevDays Cambridge yesterday: An almighty hangover, courtesy of Red Gate‘s endless supply of free booze in the evening. A huge bag of quality schwag garnered from various corners of the conference, … Continue reading

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Mocking class methods in Objective-C

If you ever find yourself shying away from class methods in your Objective-C designs on the grounds that they reduce the testability of your code, think again: – (void)testDateSwizzling { Method originalDate = class_getClassMethod([NSDate class], @selector(date)); Method mockDate = class_getInstanceMethod([self … Continue reading

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Linking to dynamic libraries in Xcode

I like to think it’s entirely a lifestyle choice that Cocoa exposes no regular expression API to developers. It’s probably the same motivation behind making Xcode such a tortuous IDE – Apple just don’t want the rabble writing Mac apps. … Continue reading

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XNA Studio 3.0 under Parallels

Still no joy with the new beta. Any VMWare Fusion peeps have any luck?

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Magic: the Gathering with normal playing cards

Rules Shuffle all 52 cards together and lay the deck face down. Players draw from this single deck. When the last card is drawn from the deck, shuffle all graveyards back into the deck. There is no mana burn. Other … Continue reading

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Ode to a Karplusan Wolverine

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Thou art a one-drop with first strike. When blocked, thou hast double strike. Thou mayst deal thine combat damage as if thou wert not blocked. There are some who call … Continue reading

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You have been killed by a grue. Update: donning my anti-grue kit (XSLT and Emacs), I have managed to resurrect the old posts. Much rejoicing and broken HTML.

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